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PrintLock is a simple and reliable security tool that allows you to block the access to printing files from your computer. The application is simple to use and is designed to block the printing jobs through one or several printers, that are connected to your PC. You may thus control the exported information, not to mention printer resources.
Block one or several printers connected to your computer
PrintLock can easily detect the printers that are connected to your computer and allows you to password protect one or several of them. The process is simple: set a password for each desired device, then when trying to run a printing job, the program blocks it until you provide the correct keyphrase.
This way, you can restrict important information from being exported from your computer via printing. It is also a means to control printer resources, for example ink or paper. The program runs in the background and blocks each printing job ordered for the protected device. If you provide the correct keyphrase, the process is activated, if not, the job is deleted.
Control printing jobs
PrintLock allows you to set individual passwords for each of the devices that are connected to your PC. Moreover, it enables you to set an admin password that protects the access to its interface and the functions you can control.
For instance, the program features quick commands for cancelling all current jobs, or on the contrary, run them all. You may also close the program and disable the printing protection at any time.
Small program – suitable security tool
PrintLock is an effective security tool that allows you to protect important data from being exported from your computer, printed on paper. The program runs in the background, but it may be stopped at any time, from its interface. It is recommended that you set the master password in order to block the access to the main window.




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This revolutionary way of taking photos makes it easy to capture and enhance the best moments in your life. Shoot with any of the millions of accessories, browse through the millions of filters and frames, and then customize everything for a more personal touch. Now you can store, sync and share your photos in the Cloud so they’re ready for you to access whenever you want. So capture, enjoy and share your best moments – all from one great app.

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Raj Krishna

It’s a nice tool to edit and edit photos especially for beginners.

Philip John Francis Soetendorp

Packed with options, functionality and great for beginners.

Patrick Liebgott

Great for both experts and beginners. Helps you design your own templates. I like this one

Ponnukanthellam Sivan

Best Editor of all time. Easy to use and loads more than a photo editing program.

Vincent Lachs

I have a lot of photos I like to edit, but I don’t want to create these myself. Photoshop is way to expensive and I don’t want to pay for it. So I downloaded this program and it is great! I like how you can add layers to your pictures. I also like how you can change the picture quality by changing your picture.

Johannes P

I started using this software when I was younger. I really liked it back then. This software is still as good as the first time I used it. I have experienced the problems described in other reviews. I am a photographer and photographer illustrator by profession. I like to create elements like textures, styles etc. on my own photos. Photoshop isn’t suitable for this. But this app was very good back then. It helps you create textures, the work you are going to do is really simple and you can change the background easily. I am sure there will be a better version in the future. But this is still a good software for the one who wants to experiment.

A YouTube video tutorial for the tools and techniques that would help you edit photos that are not as good as the ones that come with the tool. The video is very useful. Watch it now.

Eric B

I can
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